GermZone 100 – Medical Grade Room Ultraviolet Air Purifier

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The GermZone 100 is the latest Ultraviolet Purification Unit for virtually any residential or commercial application. GermZone 100 offers Medical Grade UV purification technology to sanitize up to 400 square feet. COVID-19 Tested.




GermZone 100: The NEW Medical Grade UV Purification Germicidal System

Residential & Commercial Installation – Virtually ANY Room

BioAerosol Inactivaction Ms2 VirusThe GermZone 100 introduces their brand new patented biocidal technology and along with a transparent photolytic UV-C reaction chamber  made to neutralize viruses and bacteria lingering in the air. Including influenza and SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19).

The  GermZone 100 ultraviolet chamber is uniquely designed to block all UV-C light emissions from the human eye, allowing safe and seamless purification of any room up to 400 sf. of occupied space.

Installation is a breeze with the provided wall mounting bracket and the 115V power cord is made to fit any standard outlet.

Whether you are looking to disinfect the air in your home, practice, office, restaurant, class room, gym, or any other business space, only the GermZone 100 guarantees medical grade sanitation.


In any UltraViolet air purifier from the past, air is meant to go past the UV lamps at  a very high speed, not allowing enough time under the UV rays to guarantee extermination. The GermZone 100 brought to life the patented photolytic chamber containing several hundred tubular units, which are made from a unique material to allow Ultra Violet light rays to cross over, but not germs.

The Pathogens, viruses and bacteria are trapped in the chamber long enough for to be efficiently vaporized. The GermZone system increases the UV sanitation power up to 100X over any other UV alone. The Germzone 100 a and its unique quality design is widely used in critical hospital disinfection systems, and it is the ONLY technology tested directly against airborne SARS CoV-2 virus, as well as bacteria, spores and other viruses.

The GermZone 100: Proven effective against SARS-COV-2

Recent studies have shown that an asymptomatic SARS-COV-2 carrier can have up to 100,000,000 copies of the virus per mL in their mouth and expel over 16 infectious doses of virus per minute while talking and active.

However, SARS-COV-2 has been proven to be highly sensitive to germicidal UV exposure; in fact, it is three times more susceptible to UV than common influenza virus. The GermZone 100 ultraviolet air purifier delivers an ultraviolet dosage of in excess of 50 mJ/cm2. The photolytic technology contained in the GermZone was demonstrated to inactivate SARS-CoV-2 virus in direct testing.

Battelle performed SARS-CoV-2 bioaerosol elimination testing  on the GermZone 100 filtration technology

The purpose of the study was to determine effectiveness of the Aerobiotix C-band ultraviolet (UVC) air filtration unit to remove SARS-CoV-2 bioaerosols under challenge conditions with viable virus. Within the limitations of this study, the Aerobiotix unit was successful in removing viable SARS- CoV-2 bioaerosols compared to controls.

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Aerobiotix Photolytic Technology

Aerobiotix is the global leader in medical and commercial ultraviolet air disinfection systems. Their systems are based on advanced photolysis techniques which improve the killing efficiency of UV when applied to air disinfection. Trusted by major medical centers globally.


Incredible Features of the GermZone 100 UV Purifier:

  • Medical Grade Technology designed for Upper-Room installation where most in-room viruses and bacteria live
  • Made in the USA
  • Steel construction
  • Germicidal UV reaction chamber inactivates viruses and bacteria
  • Sanitation for rooms up to 400 square feet
  • Sound level 55 dB
  • State of the art photolytic technology with patented germicidal irradiation system
  • Safe for use in occupied areas – no unsafe UVC emission
  • Flexible intake for source capturing during any procedure
  • Small and portable, mounts to upper wall
  • Mounting bracket included



3 Year Limited Warranty

Maintenance Schedule

The maintenance schedule below is based on continual daily operation of the GermZone®100.


Replace the filter (P/N: GZ-200-200) approximately every 6 months.  If the GermZone®100 is operating in an excessively contaminated environment, changing the filter more frequently is advised.

UV Lamps

Replace the UV lamps (P/N: L1-0040-1) every 8000 hours of operation or approximately every 2 years.  Sooner if indicator lamp fails to illuminate.


CAUTION: Use only genuine GermZone®100 replacement filters and lamps to ensure proper filter fitment and function of your GermZone®100. Failure to use specified products voids warranty.


GermZone 100 Commercial Applications


Commercial Establishments & Restaurants:

Sample Restaurant Installation – Based on an 80′ x 25′ room size

Germzone Installation on a Restaurant Area


Schools & Education Institutions:

Sample Classroom Installation – Based on a 30′ x 20′ room size




Office and Working Spaces:

Sample Office Installation – Based on an 18′ x 12′ room size



Boxed unit is 20.125″ x 11.375″ x 11.125″ and 18 lbs.


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